iPhone App and Android Development

Onlinesoft has been working with agencies to build awesome web and mobile products. We specialise in iPhone Apps and iPad application development and Android application development.


The iPhone changed the way we used mobile devices and achieved iconic status immediately after its launch. Considering the numbers of people who would want to access your service via an iPhone or iPad, you simply cannot afford to ignore the iOS platform whether you want to offer a free app to augment your service or brand, or earn revenue through a unique app idea.

Onlinesoft has a very strong background in developing mobile phone applications and specifically for iOS devices. From business apps to games, we can demonstrate our ability to deliver beautiful and usable apps which are a pleasure to use on an iPhone or iPad.

We adhere obsessivley to the iOS App development standards and keep a sharp focus on the user experience while working to capture your vision for your app. The iOS platform inspires creativity in designers and pushes iPhone developers to explore new boundaries. We love working with the iOS platform and approach each project with a passion to create a unique work of art.


The number of devices running Android are growing at an amazing rate. More than half a million devices get activated daily, higher than any other mobile OS, and this number is set to double within a few months. The Android OS is now a cornerstone of any technology service offering and must be considered along with an iOS app and a web presence to reach a wide audience.

Whether you want to create a free Android app to enhance your business offering or have an idea for an awesome game, you need a strong Android application developer behind you to execute your ideas.


We also build a WordPress plugin to integrate your website to an app. If your company builds a website with us, we will ensure your website is compatible with iPhone or Android format plus we will include an iPhone app and Android app that can be downloaded from the store. The apps then can be used to notify your customers with your latest offers.